The braintrust of Moore Market Intelligence has been featured in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles via dozens of news media outlets.

Whether consumer-focused, or insurance industry-oriented, these editorials are oft-relied upon as the gospel of the indexed insurance industry. These content-rich pieces cover topics that range from understanding indexing basics, to deciphering complex product features; breaking-down sales projections to revealing distribution trends. One must start here, to have a firm grasps of the indexed insurance market.

Sheryl J. Moore, the founder of Moore Market Intelligence, is a prolific writer; her research and articles are regularly featured in the following industry news sources:

  • The Des Moines Business Record,
  • The Des Moines Register,
  • Producers Web, and
  • Senior Market Advisor

In addition to these regular contributions, her research and articles have also been featured in industry trade publications and resources such as:

  • Agent’s Sales Journal,
  • Annuity News,
  • Best’s Review,
  • BestWire,
  • Broker World,
  • Cyber Insurance News,
  • Financial Advisor,
  • Ignites,
  • Insurance Broadcasting,
  • Insurance News Net,
  • Insurance News Net Magazine,
  • Investment News,
  • LifeHealthPro,
  • Life Insurance Selling,
  • National Underwriter,
  • The New York Times, and
  • Wall Street Journal

Moore Market Intelligence works closely with the media as a fact-checking and educational resource on life insurance and annuity products. For nearly five years, Moore personally proactively responded to, and corrected, every misleading or inaccurate article published on indexed insurance products.